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EAST FOREST Explores Hope And Anxiety, Alongside Comedian Duncan Trussell (Midnight Gospel)

Watch The Video For “So What” Here

New Album Music For The Deck Of The Titanic Out 3rd November on Bright Antenna Records

Today, East Forest releases the single and music video So What, an AI-driven acid trip that explores the uncertainty of existence, alongside comedian Duncan Trussell (of the Midnight Gospel and Joe Rogan Questions Everything) and the latest preview of forthcoming record  Music For The Deck Of The Titanic (out 3rd November) from the innovative ambient and electro-acoustic musician who has collaborated with Jon Hopkins, Nick Mulvey, Laraaji, DJ Anna, and Ram Dass and more. 

So What is accompanied by a completely AI generated video created by AI and VFX artist David Lobser. The artwork continuously shifts and evolves, an almost-human collage that mirrors Duncan Trussell’s rant about the randomness of the universe. Speaking about the song, East Forest explains:

“I wasn’t planning to have any spoken word on the record, but this one track really turns the whole concept on its head for me. The album title [Music For The Deck of The Titanic] might get people thinking, ‘Oh, this is clearly about something heavy,’ yet you can bring listeners in with hooks, grooves, and even a moment of humour — ‘That’s an interesting lyric,’ or ‘what Duncan is saying is funny,’ and then in the end, it’s inviting them to feel more layers, to go deeper.”

Searching for clarity amidst the chaos of our modern world, Music For The Deck Of The Titanic (out 3rd November on Bright Antenna Records) is a record that uplifts East Forest’s mission to centre both himself and listeners.As a thought leader in the realm of inner resilience, psychedelic treatment, and grounded spirituality, East Forest offers guided meditations, retreats, and a weekly podcast (Ten Laws w/ East Forest), is a faculty member at the Esalen Institute, has worked with Google and Johns Hopkins’ neuroaesthetics project, and has collaborated with UCSF, Wavepaths, Consciousness Hacking, TED, Numinus, and more. 

Recent single “Patience” is a rare moment of stripped-down vulnerability from East Forest, while the first track off Titanic, “Cosmic Dance (ft. Marieme),” was praised by Paste for “living up to its name, as the celestial vocalizations tenderly stretch the space of the digital, airy arrangements East Forest provides. Soulful, fresh and memorable.”

Music For The Deck of The Titanic 

Cosmic Dance (feat. Marieme)
Comeback (feat. Marieme)
Clay Steps
Birds Eye
So What? (feat. Duncan Trussell)
Currents (feat. ANNA)
Ends\Begins (feat. Marieme)

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EAST FOREST Explores Hope And Anxiety, Alongside Comedian Duncan Trussell (Midnight Gospel)

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